In-house repro

In today's market place, more so than ever, magazines are having to compete. Competition comes not only from other titles but also from the Internet. Saving money is always welcome but it can really be make or break for marginal titles and the livelihood of the personnel that work on them.

An obvious way to save money is out-source as little as possible and to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you by modern technology. Not paying for your repro is a good case in point.

Bringing repro in-house needn't be too traumatic or expensive - you may already have all the software and hardware required to do it as well as the internal infrastructure, the only thing remaining is to train your staff and organise the process.

I can take you through the process, work out the best solution for you based on the requirements of your titles and the size of your company. I can train your staff and I can provide you with support should there be problems, always a possibility in the early days, so that you don't miss your press slot.

If you would like to discuss your repro requirements then please give me a call on 07977 268090 or click here to enquire by email.