DTP Application Migration

QuarkXPress has for many years been the industry's DTP package of choice. Beating off the likes of Pagemaker in the early 90s Quark has enjoyed an unrivalled position in the market for over a decade, one that the company has been only too happy to exploit. Well times are changing.

Early incarnations of InDesign really weren't up to much, but a couple of re-writes later and a clever piece of marketing is really leaving Quark on the back foot.. Publishers have for a long time been dependent upon Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat which they cleverly grouped in to their Creative Suite and included InDesign. Well why buy or upgrade Quark if you already have a very capable DTP package effectively for free?

The reasons not to change are those of disruption - schedules are tight enough already without throwing in a new application for everyone to learn. The answer is training, but probably not as much as you're thinking. I have found that a short training session with individuals can get them over the initial hurdles and give them the confidence and ability to work within the new application.

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